About Us

About Us

We love high quality engineered mechanical cameras, especially those built in the 20th century in Germany and Japan. These Twin Lens Reflex cameras were really built to last and will outperform the majority of cameras built today. They have fantastic optics (many from Zeiss) and take 6x6cm 120 film. What this means is that they have amazing resolution and detail and a quality that is hard to replicate in digital. 

When a 6x6cm negative is scanned to digital, the file size is impressive and the size of enlargements possible is huge compared to anything made by a similarly priced digital camera.

So slow down, relax and take your time with each picture you take, and then appreciate the results, well worth the time and effort. Enjoy taking photographs again.

Our aim is to help you to own a fine, classic Twin Lens Reflex Camera. We sell cameras that can be used, not just admired as a collectable for display (although they are a thing of beauty!) Most of our cameras are affordable and all have been tested. We can confidently offer a 6-month warranty

We have been selling classic cameras for over a decade and we were the UK dealer for DHW Rolleiflex cameras and accessories.

This is the place to come for all your Twin Lens Reflex needs

Your amazing camera will be a wise investment. Own a timeless classic and remember that your TLR will be appreciating with time.

Rolleiflex, Rolleicord, Yashica, Zeiss, Voigtlander and more.....

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